This question Kiel traduki Esperante tiun ĉi ludkarton? requests a translation of the text of a playing card, not any specific word or phrase. Is it outside the topic for this site?

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    I suppose it is okay since we aren't overwhelmed in questions atm. But this question does have lower reuse value compared to others as @kiamlaluno said.
    – Zuoanqh
    May 9 '18 at 3:03

I understood the question to be "how do you translate the name of this monster" - which I chose not to answer but for other reasons. I do think it's essentially off topic and if our community is to have any value, we will come up with some guidelines about this.


I would consider it off-topic for the fact of asking how to translate in Esperanto a name of an imaginary creature that is not even as common as dragons, griffins, or unicorns.

It is an invented word created specifically for a playing card game, and I don't feel the question is going to help future users.

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