The review queue for the low quality posts contained a question written in Esperanto, Kiu el la esprimoj “abomeni” kaj “malami” estas la plej forta? and an answer for How do you translate "Top 10 X" (in the title of an article or video)? Both of them are fine, and there should not be any reason to automatically flag them. Compared with English, there are worse posts that should get an automatic flag for low quality.

Does the algorithm for auto-flagging low level posts need to be calibrated for Esperanto?
I guess that it flagged the question because the question was short, or because the number of words was lower than a specific limit. It doesn't seem to consider the difference between English and Esperanto.

I understand we have posts in English and Esperanto, but should not the auto-flagging algorithm be adjusted not to flag so easily posts written in Esperanto?

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    I imagine there is a way to adapt the auto-flagging mechanism to the language being used, since there is a Stack Exchange in Russian. If it uses the same parameters set for English, it would not work correctly for Russian, either being too picky, or being too permissive.
    – apaderno
    Oct 10, 2016 at 15:00


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