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Aren't these tags synonyms? If they are synonyms, which tag should we use?

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I agree that they are synonymous in practice. I suggest using only , not only because it is already more common, but also because it is the less technical term, and thus probably more widely understood.


I think there's a distinction, but the tag wikis should make it clear (as seen in some other SO communities: "Don't use this tag for:"). Phonology is a science that uses special terms for sounds. A phonological answer would be of a little value to someone asking a question on pronunciation because they might not understand the terms or their symbols. A non-phonological answer might be usable, but presumably of very low quality, to a phonological question.

Situations I have in mind:

  1. Is the open-mid front unrounded vowel an acceptable allophone for Esperanto's e?

  2. How are the letters "x", "w" and "y" pronounced?

I agree with Marcos Cramer on using primarily, but not because they'd be synonymous, rather than because it's the one that's suitable unless the question is specifically about . I think in a language discussion those are likely, too, and distinct from the former.

  • I could still use IPA characters to give the pronunciation, even if the question is tagged pronunciation. They are synonyms for what concern us: We don't ask questions about phonology, but pronunciation. pronunciation is probably a better tag for a site about languages in general.
    – apaderno
    Dec 14, 2016 at 4:13

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